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A new process for design.

Merely visualizing dimensional design is not enough. Clothing designers need a process that defines every dimension so that the data can be seamlessly carried through to manufacturing. They also need a process that allows the whole team to work all together at every stage. Only Fashionr™ transforms the process and drastically reduces your time-to-market.

Start from Basic Block

Import patterns from your basic block library

Use AAMA/ASTM formatted .DXF files

Direct Edits in 3D

Automated garment assembly

Easy to use shape editing tools

Reusable drag and drop finishes with automated construction

All outputs are automatically updated as you work in 3D


Quickly create multiple concepts by building out your custom digital libraries

Multiple iterations, fabrics, colorways, prints, construction details

Mix and match designs, pattern components, and digital assets


Evaluate multiple design iterations on stage simultaneously

Automated Parametric Grading to custom avatars

View entire size run on stage

Production-Ready Outputs

Pattern, AAMA/ASTM formatted .dxf files

3D digital mesh

Customizable Tech Pack

Full 3D product definition

New standard for dimensional garment definition.

With your product designs fully defined in 3D, you can ensure a perfect fit in every size and exert more precision and control throughout your manufacturing process. And since the process is completely digitized, both your archived and new styles are preserved for future iteration.

Scale your designs. Scale your business.

By eliminating repetitive design and administrative tasks, your team is able to spend more time creating and collaborating, while speeding your time-to-market.

Automating your most tedious tasks.

Leverage the power of our technology to allow your team to focus on their greatest talents. With Fashionr™, your project is constantly updated with every change by every person. By unburdening your team from these tasks, Fashionr™ has made designing (dare we say it?) a joy again.

Features that create

more time

for creating.

  • Drag and Drop Finishes

  • Automated Draping and Sewing

  • Customizable Asset Libraries

  • AI-Assisted Patternmaking

  • Parametric Grading®

  • Integrated Costing Models

  • Automated Tech Pack Production

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By compressing your value chain, decreasing material waste and speeding your time to market, Fashionr™ drives lower material costs, healthier margins and better cash flow. Want to try for yourself?

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