Introducing the Garment Digital Twin™

by ClothingTech
Design, fit, and style seamlessly
in 3-D software solutions for
fashion design

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Leading the way in fashion design software, ClothingTech is innovating and creating truly seamless 3D software solutions for technical design.

Our suite of products allows apparel designers to move from concept sketch to production without slowing down the process by awaiting input from technical designers and manufacturers.

These tools enable real-time garment design. Clothing Tech works smarter to bring fashion designs to life.

Clothing Tech GDT

Garment Digital Twin™

Upload technical pack and review spec on a 3-D virtual avatar

Edit designs, change fabrics, add finishes, and adjust 2-D patterns in a 3-D virtual simulator

Export a true parametrically graded technical package for factory production

Virtual Fitting Room

Virtual Fitting Room

Upload garment from store and preview on client specific 3-D created avatar

Choose sizing and other garments that style the look in 3-D fitting room

Purchase garment or send to friends for an immersive experience

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Garment Digital Twin™

The GDT system is truly unique.

Fashion designers are very creative and adopting technology can be challenging. Our system helps designers through these challenges. Designer can change a garment type – from a t-shirt to a polo-style shirt – in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse.

Exclusive features such as : 3D Design, automatic 3D block creation, automatic 3D sewing, and piece placement, automated and parametric grading.

The 3D CAD workspace also includes: Fabric library with close to 100 fabrics tested and ready to use, avatar library, trim library, tension maps, animation and export capabilities that can be used cooperatively with other 3D systems and processes

Clothing Tech GDT

Automated True 3D Design

Clothing Tech GDT

Automatic 3D Sewing and Piece Placement

Clothing Tech GDT

3D Block Creation

Clothing Tech GDT

Time Saving Iterations

Clothing Tech GDT

Digital Supply Chain Intergration

Clothing Tech GDT

Parametric Grading

Development Workflow

This is the first 3D CAD created specifically for fashion design. All current 3D solutions require all design changes to be done in 2D and revisualized in 3D as their process. Due to the heavy reliance on patterns, these current solutions are highly technical and not practical for the end-to-end workflows of most design teams.

What if you didn’t need the constant back-and-forth between designer, technical designer, development team, and manufacturer?

What if there was a technology that could automate much of your process without changing it, accelerating your time to market and elevating the journey from 2D concept to 3D creation?

What if you could really design and edit in 3D, independent of the pattern?


“Yeah, right?”, you say.

To which we say:

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