It’s about time.

A pencil used by a fashion designer.

To design.

To market.

Time to reimagine 3D fashion design.

To reimagine


4D Clothing Creator

By compressing time from sketchpad to retail, this is the only design platform that allows you to manage the fourth dimension of time.

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A man and woman wearing clothing that was designed in 3D using Fashionr from Clothing Tech.

It's time to get real.

When you use 3D software based on repurposed entertainment code, you get virtual clothes. Clothing Tech’s® Fashionr™ platform sets the standard for real world garment definition. It was created in joint venture with Hexagon AB, a global leader in 3D design for making real things, for the real world where time can be the most important dimension. So only Fashionr gives you true 4D capabilities.

The power of

parallel process.

Traditionally, designing apparel has been a series of handoffs from one job title to another – requiring long waits and unfortunate errors.

Only Fashionr™ allows you to manage your most important factor–time.  With its unique parallel workflow, your garments are fully defined.  Allowing assets to be shared with team members, suppliers, and manufacturers throughout the process integrated with your PLM platform.

Resulting in a compressed timeline, improved communication, reduced sample waste, stronger collaboration, and speedier time-to-market.

Time to

set the trend.

Fashionr™ can be the difference between creating a trend and missing a trend. Throughout the process we shave minutes, hours, days and weeks off the timeline and wasted materials out of landfills. So you can set the trend and maximize profitability.

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Accelerate your
team's productivity

in no time.

Fashionr™ transforms workflows by eliminating the time delays and communication errors that occur when each garment is a series of hand-offs.  As a whole-company design platform, Fashionr™ allows everyone to work on every stage of the garment, together in real-time.

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It’s time for a fully-
defined product from

start to finish.

By using advanced AI, Fashionr™ design platform automates patternmaking, draping, digital sewing, tech pack creation, and costing.  This enables your team to create and build out custom digital libraries of trims, fabrics, patterns, and finishes that can be used season after season, and from one category to another category.

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Use our best thinking to

drive your success.

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By compressing your value chain, decreasing material waste and speeding your time to market, Fashionr™ drives lower material costs, healthier margins and better cash flow. Want to try for yourself?

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